Physics 2A: Physics—Mechanics

UC San Diego Academy 2016

Welcome to Physics 2A Physics—Mechanics!

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Instructor and mentors

Instructor: Mark Paddock

Teaching assistant: Paul Rozdeba,

Tutors/Mentors: Mustafa Ali,
Amy Schwartz,
Thomas Steele,
Zulfar Ghulam-Jelani,
Kayleigh Adams,

Course description

A calculus-based science-engineering general physics course covering vectors, motion in one and two dimensions, Newton’s first and second laws, work and energy, conservation of energy, linear momentum, collisions, rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, equilibrium of rigid bodies, oscillations, gravitation.

Textbook and other course materials

Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4/e textbook, MasteringPhysics with Pearson eText Access Card, and the Student Workbook.

All textbooks and course materials will be provided to the students free of charge on the opening day (July 30, 2016).

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